1. The year 2000 was a leap year. When was the next leap year after that?
2. How many centimeters make 10 meters?
3. How many zeros are in the number fifty billion?
4. Calculate the number of minutes in 14.5 hours:
5. Which can be divided evenly by 5?
6. Give the Roman numerals for the number 32:
7. What’s the total number of degrees in any triangle?
8. Your chances of winning are 1 in 10,000. How many can win before you?
9. Which weighs more: a kilo of cheese with holes or a kilo of cheese without holes?
10. Which of these is a palindrome:
11. How many days are in 7,200 hours?
12. If a $35 wool sweater is on sale for 20% less, how much is it selling for?
13. How many weeks are in half a year?
14. Sequence from largest to smallest:
15. How many sides does a nonagon have?

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