1. Never put _______ till tomorrow what you can do today.
2. If you do not succeed at first, you should keep _____ trying.
3. I have decided to give ____ eating chocolate.
4. At first, she did not get _____ well with other students.
5. I do not think I feel _____ to playing tennis today.
6. The car broke ______ in the middle of the road.
7. You would better hurry _____ - this bus leaves in 10 minutes.
8. Do not lend money to him. You might never get it _______ .
9. She has a strong accent and it can sometimes be a bit difficult to make ______ what she is saying.
10. He is a bit of a snob and tends to look _______ on people.
11. Is he still saving _____ for that CD player?
12. It was quite a serious illness so she took a while to get ______ .
13. I cannot make _______ my mind where to go for me summer holidays.
14. If you give something ________ , you give something you no longer need.
15. I take _____ my dad. We are similar in many ways.

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