1. The colour that represents Ireland is:
2. What European city is often called "The birthplace of democracy"?
3. What kind of musical instrument is a Stradivarius?
4. What US President was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth?
5. Which was the ancient name of Iran?
6. Which European country had 18 kings named Louis?
7. What fuel did prehistoric people use to cook their food and heat their homes?
8. An astronaut first walked on the moon in:
9. Who was the first communist leader of the Soviet Union?
10. Which country never ruled a country in Africa?
11. Which system did the Bolsheviks want in Russia?
12. Which year marked the end of the Soviet Union?
13. Tone Blair was a prime minister of:
14. Who invented paper?
15. How many full terms can a US President serve?

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