1. I find it difficult to talk to Alan because we have so _________ in common.
2. What do you want _________ ?
3. Nobody _________ why people walk or talk in their sleep.
4. Pluto is ___________ of all planets.
5. ____________ that strange man sitting over there?
6. People use ______ words and gestures to express their feelings.
7. A kangaroo has such strong legs ______ it can jump over a car.
8. Tom is in his room. He ____________ the piano.
9. You will find your way to the village without difficulty _________________________ .
10. Who ________ : "To be or not to be, that is the question"?
11. John F. Kennedy was the youngest president of the USA and ___________ to be murdered.
12. I ___________ this car for a year.
13. There are not _______ easy ways of learning a foreign language.
14. My father always gives me __________________.
15. Can you imagine ___________________ in 2050?

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