1. The person who puts all the different pieces of the film together is called:
2. You want to stop filming a scene. What do you say?
3. A film made by photographing a set of drawings:
4. A film with unnatural and frightening things, such as dead people coming to life, etc:
5. You want to start filming. What do you say?
6. Your friend is financing the film. What is he called?
7. A film with lots of music and dance:
8. An action-packed film about cowboys, horses and gunfights:
9. A suspence film full of violence and crime:
10. One of your friends wants to play a silent part in a crowd scene. What will she/he be called?
11. The actors and actresses engaged in your film are called:
12. You tell the actor what to do, you are the:
13. A film about space travel or life in an imaginary future:
14. Your sister created the story and wrote all the words for actors. She is:
15. An amusing film with a happy ending:

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