A teacher was explaining fractions to his class of girls and boys. After having written several examples on the blackboard, he asked a boy whether he would prefer one-fifth or one-eighth of a lemon.

“I’d prefer one-eighth, sir.”

Then the teacher began to explain again that though the fraction one-eighth looked larger than the fraction one-fifth, it was really the smaller of the two.

“I know that, sir. I don’t like lemons!”


The  Professor: “Can you tell me something about the great inventors of the 19th century?”

The Student: “Oh, yes, of course, they are all dead, sir.”


A math teacher is going to ask a complicated question, so he says her pupils: “Whoever answers my next question, can go home.”

After her words sly Brian throws his backpack out the window.

Teacher asks: “Who just threw that?!”

Brian: “Me! It was your question. May I go home now?”


At the first lesson after summer vacations a teacher welcomes her pupils: «Hello boys and girls. Remember!!! Nothing is impossible.»

The wittiest boy says: «Ok Miss, You please try to take out all the toothpastes and put back it into the tube again.»



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