1. People put perishable foods in the ......... because this appliance keeps food cold.
2. I love my ......... machine. I put my dirty clothes into this machine to get them clean. And, the spin cycle works really well.
3. My ......... is not working so I cannot bake or roast anything right now. The repairman is coming today and I cannot wait!
4. The ......... top burners are all in good working order. I use the bigger ones on a regular basis because I use a lot of frying pans and pots when I cook dinner.
5. I need a new ......... cleaner. My old one is not working properly and I need another one in order to get my carpets clean.
6. I do not use my clothes ......... often because I like to hang my clothes on the line outside. However, I do use this machine more often in the winter time.
7. I use the ......... oven often. Some people say that it is not healthy because it uses radiation to cook and/or heat food. However, it is so convenient because it heats the food up so quickly.
8. I have to get a repairman to come and take a look at the .......... It is not working properly and some of our frozen foods are thawing out. I do not want to lose all that food!
9. I use my ......... every morning because I like to toast slices of bread. I then put peanut butter on the slices.
10. I have an electric can ………. I buy a lot of canned food so this appliance is excellent because it opens up all of the metal cans with ease.

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