Переведите предложение и определите какая часть речи подходит по смыслу
1. You will not succeed if you are so ... .
2. You should try to find the best ... to this problem.
3. Do not worry, he is no longer ... when he drives.
4. I hope this trip will ... your knowledge about the birds that are found in our country.
5. The municipal authorities decided to ... the road in summer.
6. During World War II Minsk was almost completely ... by the Nazis.
7. We want to express our sincere ... for your assistance.
8. The task is too difficult. You should have ... it.
9. 1986 (the year of Chernobyl) was ... for Belarus.
10. He cannot have done it all by himself! It is ...!
11. There was not enough time to prepare for the test, and we were certainly ... with the results.
12. I am sure he is ... to do it without your help.
13. This song has such a ...tune.
14. We were thankful to him for his ... to help us.
15. Please remind him of his promise, he is ... as you know.

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