An energetic American tourist had come to visit the Warwick Castle in England. When the doorkeeper made his appearance, the American was studying his guide-book.
— Tell me, — the American said to the doorkeeper, — have you that famous vase still here? (shows its photo in the guide-book).
— Yes, sir, — was the reply.
— And the table that costs 10.000 dollars?
— Yes, sir.
— And have you still that portrait of Charles I by van Dyck?
— Oh yes, sir, — said the doorkeeper, — they are all here. Won’t you come in and see them?
— No, I won’t, I have no time to lose, — replied the visitor. — As they are here right enough and I have seen them in my guide-book I can go on visiting other castles and museums. Good morning — and he hurried away.

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